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Library Automation                         Library is fully computerized with using SOUL2.0 software. All in house activities like circulation, cataloguing, serial control, OPAC etc. are being done with the use of software. Barcode reader and software helps to make entire house keeping activities very fast and accurate.
 Reference  There are various books that are the sources of information about different subjects. They include Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Guides, books, Handbooks etc.
 Circulation  Remote Login, Status Check, OPAC Access, Reminder to user requests, Inter Library Loan, Direct Borrowing facility etc. 
 OPAC  Online Public Access Catalogue is an online database of reading materials available in library. User can search a library catalogue principally to locate books and other reading materials which are physically located at library.

Inter Library Loan  Inter Library Loan Facility is provided to the students and facility with the use of DELNET.
Current Awareness Service We have made special notice board for this service. Here we display the good academic, scientific articles from news paper. Also display such non technical value added article. When a new article comes; old cutting is being filed subject wise in reference department for ready reference.
Question Papers Branch wise and semester wise question paper files are available physically as well on college FTP for the reference purpose of students.
Reading Facilities  Reading area consists with air-condition and light. At a time more than 150 students can read in comfortable reading area.
 Web OPAC  In which students can search the entire library holdings at their own home, own place. Students and staff can see their current status of transaction. Each student and staff has got their own username and password for access the Web OPAC.

New Arrival Display New arrived books are displayed on regular intervals.
Reprography Xerox facility is available near to library at the rate of no profit no loss.
Press media and Publicity Section We manage the file of all the technical, cultural, sports, events, functions and other programs organized by the College. We have each and every photographs, press notes and press-cuttings of all the function organized in our college in physical form as well digital. (I.e. from 2011 to till date)
Classification System We are using DDC 22nd edition for classification. All the collection is classified as per DDC. We have also put the display of classification details (i.e. class number, subject heading, raw wise and column wise) at the every cupboard of stack area for ready reference of the students.
Non Technical (Value Added) Books We believe the education with human values, so we have large number of value added non technical books in English, Guajarati and Hindi language.
Orientation Program We do orientation program on the first day of new admitted student of the college.
Visit to Library We invite all the students and their parents to visit the library (seeing is believing). At the time of visit, we explain all the students about library functionality and facility group wise
Central announcement We make central announcement regarding such useful information of library whenever it is required.
Notice board We displayed all the library rules, facilities and student related notice on our notice board and update it regularly.
Suggestion Box We have put the suggestion box in library. All library users can put their valuable suggestion at any time.
Library Committee with student core committee We have made departmental library committee member for the library related issue student can ask any time to their respective library committee members regarding any type of library issues
Student’s problems solution Service Student can ask regarding their problem to librarian (“Direct to Librarian”) at any time personally, on phone or through mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Our motto is “Service with smile & solution”.
Special Meeting We keep special meeting i.e. Student management meeting. The aim of this meeting is to interact the student directly with the management. Student has to give their suggestions or problems if any. Good suggestions are always welcome and we also try to solve their problem. The aim of this meeting is the development as a whole.




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