About Blood Donation


"A spider bite might not transform you into a superhero, but a small needle  and a little of your time sure can.

Blood is something that every healthy and unhealthy person needs for his survival. We have to stay healthy and keep others healthy too. We always have a feeling of doing something big in our lives. To help people in difficulties or emergencies is one big deed a human can do. Blood is very precious and loosing it can cause trouble to a person. Swa. Kanji Karsan Halai Education and Charitable Trust has made an effort to reach out all those people who are in need of blood and save lives. We request you to be a part of Swa. Kanji Karsan Halai Education and Charitable Trust’s Online Blood Donors' Club and donate blood to people who are in need of it.

We should always remember that today if we come to someone's rescue tomorrow we will find people to help us as well. Our blood donors club is an effort to educate and inspire the students to donate blood, the precious gift of life in case of emergencies and need. We all know blood cannot be produced artificially. Only we can save a life that needs blood. We request you to be a member of our blood donors club and donate blood on a regular basis.


Link to Register for Blood Donation:-  https://goo.gl/7orMDh  


Contact Number of Student Co-ordinators:-

(1) Mr. Saumya Rana:- 9537134363

(2) Sanket Ramanuj:- 9725274853

(3) Hardik Solanki:-  9725934777