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About Kera


Situated dramatically on the rear of the river Nagmati, Kera is about 22Km South of Bhuj on the Mundra road. It was the seat of Kapilmuni and was known as Kapilgram. Lakho Fulani built a fort which later became famous as "Kapilkor" or "Kera fort". In this fort he renovated the Shivalaya of Lakheswar. The old Shiva temple, built perhaps at the end of tenth century, was except for the shrine destroyed by the earthquake of 1819. The sculptures of the Shivalaya are attractive and beautiful. In the time of Gulamalishah Kera recovered to some extent. Gulamalishah was a descendent of Pir Sadruddin and is said to have come from Sindh. Kera is populated mainly by Kanbis and Khojas who are progressive cultivators. There are two Swaminarayan Temples. The old Shiva temple is protected by the state Archeology Department.