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Placement News


  • Following Students of D.E Mechanical and B.E. (Mechanical + Electrical) placed in Asia Motor works Kanaiyabe.

1. Lakhman Gilva

2. Surjeet Singh

3. Pranjal Gajja

4. Yagnesh Tank

  • Following Students of B.E Mechanical placed in ITM Pvt. Ltd. Gandhidham.

1. Harsh Badheka

2. Rohit Shrivastava

3. Vivek Atha

  •  Following Students of D.E Electrical placed in Genus Electrotech Ltd., Anjar.

1. Vaibhav Joshi

2. Jaimin Patel

3. Raj Makwana

  • Following Students of B.E (Electrical + Mechanical) placed in Daikin Pvt. Ltd. Bhuj.

1. Asif Chauhan

2. Hardik Soni



  • Following Students of B.E (Computer) placed in Silver Sky Technology, Ahmedabad. 

1. Devansh Vyas

2. Mohamad Sajid Juneja 



  • Following Students of B.E (Civil) placed in MKC Infrastructure, Anjar. 

1. Maheshwari Sumit Manjibhai

2. Mayur Mansukh Prajapati

3. Solanki Kirankumar

4. Akshay Thakrar



  • Following Students of B.E (Civil) placed in Laxmi Construction, Bhuj.  

1. Keyuri Chhatrala

2. Preksha Thacker 



  •        Placement drive by Laxmi Construction Company, Bhuj on 7th March 2017, 8 Students were selected.
  •        Dhaivat Films, Bhuj held placement drive at HJD Campus on 10th March 201, 4 students were shortlisted.
  •        3 Students got recruited for the post of Quality Engineers at KaSeZ, Gandhidham.         
  •       Following Students of D.E (Mechanical+ Electrical) are placed in Adani Solar , KASEZ from batch 2016 on 9th Feb,2017.
  1. Nareshdan Gadvi (Mechanical)
  2. Jignesh Patel (Mechanical)
  3. Yusuf Khatri (Electrical)
  4. Abhdul Kalam Samra (Electrical)
  5. Maheshwari Deepak (Electrical)
  6. Mayur Vikramsinh Jadeja (Electrical)
  •      Following Students of B.E. (Computer) are placed in IDEX Solutions, Gandhidam from the batch 2017 on 8th Feb,2017.
  1. Monika Srivastav
  2. Shivangi Rajde 
  3. Divya Goswami
  • Following Students of B.E (Mechanical) are placed in ITM Safety Private Limited, KASEZ from batcg 2017 on 9th Feb ,2017.
         1. Ketan Singh
         2. Yash Sheth
         3. Nishanth Jha
  •           Students of B.E. (Computer) are placed in StayInfront, Gandhinagar from the batch 2017 . The name of th       students are:- 
  1. Ravi Bhambhani
  2. Parth Parekh
  3. Jinesh Parekh


  •        Student of B.E. (Computer) is placed in Accuracy Shipping Pvt Ltd Gandhidam from the batch 2017 on 26th December, 2016 . The name of the student is:-

    1. Chandani Kanabar


  • Students of batch 2016 are being placed in the companies like Kotak Mahindra Prime Ltd, Epp Composite Pvt Ltd, Bizzarch Solutions, Global Tech Pvt Ltd, NRS Consultancy, Indus Towers, Suzlons Energy Ltd, Genus Electrothem, Flsmidth Pvt Ltd. , Ashapura Mines, Captain Tractor Pvt. Ltd, MKC Infrastructures, Welspun Pvt Ltd, Ashapura Perfoclay, Land A Hand India, Bageshree Infratech, Aakriti Consultant, Caparo Engineering Pvt Ltd., Bharat foods Co-operative Limited, Katariya construction Pvt Ltd, Gamesa Renewable Pvt. Ltd.


  • 2 more Students from Mechanical Engineering got placed in Suzlon Energy Ltd. on 8th July 2015.
  • 2 Students from Mechanical Engineering got placed in Suzlon Energy Ltd. on 17th June 2015.
  • 8 Students from Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering got placed in Sanghi Cement on 25th May 2015.
  • MKC Constructions held the Campus Interview on 8/01/2015, in which 8 students from Batch-2015 (Civil) were selected.
  • IHI Corporation – Mundra Site placed two students of Mechanical Department Batch 2014 through interview held on 19/01/2015.
  • M/s Genus Electrotech Limited, Gandhidam placed two students of Electrical Engineering Batch 2014 through telephonic interview held on 30/01/2015.
  • Campus Interview: University Entry Scheme (UES-25) was held on 21/02/2015 in which 60 students appeared. Results are pending as yet.
  • Super Group of Companies held an interview in Campus on 23/02/2015 in which students from Electrical, Electronics and Communication and Computer Science appeared. 16 Candidates appeared for the final round. Out of which two were selected.
  • Bizzarch Pvt Ltd, Bhuj called few students from Computer Science and Engineering Department for interview in which 1 student was selected.
  • Sanghi Cement Pvt. Ltd called top 5 students of Electronics and Communication Department for interview. Results of the same are awaited.
  • JMD Oils Pvt. Ltd asked for list of top 20 students of Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Department. Interviews will be held shortly.
  • Welspun Corp Pvt. Ltd asked for list of Mechanical Engineering who is willing to work for Automobile Job Post. Interviews will be held shortly.